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YU - Apricot Moisturising Formula Conditioner

YU - Apricot Moisturising Formula Conditioner

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Product Description

Apricot moisturizing formula

Apricot essence + sweet osmanthus essence +witch hazel+ allantoin Unique pet care from Asia—apricot and sweet osmanthus essence repair and moisturize your pet’s hair – conditioned hair becomes healthy, soft and shiny.


Health & Safety

Health and safety are essential to a beautiful life.
Healthy ingredients, healthy formula, healthy skin and healthy coat


From packaging to formulation, our products are specifically-designed to take care of your pets. Beauty matters to us. Beauty gives a positive feeling and boosts confidence. Beauty balances both the mind and body. It works with you, it also works with pets !

Sensory Experience

Natural and organic products are relaxing and uplifting, never dull and dry.


We believe that every bath time should be a fun and happy sharing moment after a very long day. Our natural formulas give a silky touch and unique fragrance to your pets for an absolute and totally enjoyable sensory experience.